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We have had these boots for a while now, and at last i finally got my own pair. I love monkey boots, as they are not as in your face as DMs. I have worn since early 80s, but i always wanted a better quality pair. The ones i had back then and you get still get, are great but not the best.

Trickers make a very good pair, but at £450 a pair they are out of most peoples pockets, including mine. So we got these made for us, in the UK but was able to get them out for a good price, i was really pleased with the finished article.

It seems that our customers like them as well, as i have had to wait 6 months to get my own pair ! Anyways they went on my feet for the 1st time Saturday before “Sounds Of The Street” do.

The rest is in the video, enjoy.

Mod Shoes & Classic Outfit No1 – The Harrington

modshoes tassel loafers weavers the allnightersMod Shoes & Classic Outfit No1 – The Harrington

There are many classic looks out there, but this one has to be up there at the top.

The red Harrington is an absolute classic. Coupled with a pair of jeans or trousers and some smart shoes, it can be argued that you are ready for 95% of the time. This means you can go to the pub, you can go into town on a Saturday, football, Soul do, SKA do, scooter rally, GIG , the list is very long

And thats one of the major reason we do often do pictures of our shoes with this setup.

Now there are many Harrington makes out there, and you can buy ones from £20 to whatever price you like . Some say the original Baracuta G9 , as worn by many film stars etc, is the only authentic one. The one in the pics is a Ben Sherman, the cloth is pretty good for the price.

But it is what you put it with that counts, and we think the shoes below hit the spot! So yes a Tassel loafer, Brogue or Desert boot is going to look pretty good. Personally I prefer a dark jean with more formal shoes. But a desert boot goes pretty much with any shade of jean.

And its not just jeans, as you can see in the pics, normal trousers can also fit really well.

We hope you like the pics

Harrington > Ben Sherman
Jeans > Levis 301
Trousers > Adaptor Clothing
Shirt > Photographers Own

modshoes black penny loafers the earls with harringotn modshoes black tassel loafers with red harrington modshoes brown brogues with jeans and harrington modshoes chestnut tassel loafers with jeans modshoes desert boots with red harrington modshoes deset boots with harrington in red Modshoes mod ska tassel loafersm with red harrington modshoes monkey boots mod ska with red harrington modshoes monkey boots with harrington modshoes monkey boots with red harrington modshoes nut brown monkey boots with red harrington modshoes oxblood brogues with jeans harrington modshoes oxblood brogues with red harrington modshoes oxblood burgundy tassel loafers with jeans and harrington modshoes oxblood monkey boots and red harrington modshoes oxblood monkey boots with harrington modshoes oxblood tassel loafers with red harrington modshoes penny loafers the earls with jeans and red harrington modshoes red harrington with chestnut tassel loafers the dukes modshoes ska tassel loafers black with harringotn modshoes tassel loafers weavers the allnighters

The Who & Mod Shoes !!!!!!!!!!

I must have looked at The Who in pictures a thousand times. They are one of the most photographed bands of the 60’s, loads and loads of reasons for this being far beyond this article. What this does mean though is that there are a good number of shots of their feet, some of which are in colour.

So let’s start near the beginning, pre- Who and pre-High Numbers, The Detours are just another London band.

Fashion-wise they are not jumping out. I couldn’t find any good pictures of the feet!

It took Pete Meaden and some money from xxxxx to get messers Townshend, Daltrey, Entwistle and Moon into some decent gear. It is common knowledge that Daltrey was to be the face and the others the numbers, hence the smart looking two tone shoes for him. Interestingly, Entwistle was given some Boxing Boots which he took an instant dislike to, claiming later that he walked through a puddle to make them dirty!

I think this is the first shot after the new look!
The High Numbers starting to look cool. Notice the Two Tone shoes Weller loved, and Townshend in Monkey Boots

Early on, the band go through desert boots, boxing boots, Chelsea boots, and even monkey boots. As with any groovy top band from the time, The Who paraded in Carnaby fashion.

Carnaby Street, I presume?

Below you can see Pete wearing some two colour shoes. The shoes look like part leather and part cord. I have no idea on the make, but I think they date from around 65/66. Harrison and Marriot had similar pairs.

Loving the Blue boots and Townshend’s shoes

Daltrey has a lovely pair of what I think are blue pumps. Moon also follows the theme with some cool looking blue desert boots; notice as well the White/Cream sole!

What I really like about the picture is that the colour of the shoes matches with something else in the outfit. You can’t quite see Entwistle’s boots, as they are more of a brown colour, which is not matching anything!

I asked Peter “Dougal” Butler who was Keith Moon’s assistant and driver about Keith’s shoes. He kindly replied with this.

“Mod era in London i remember Topper’s & a shop called Ravel. By the mid 70s to 80s Ravel was in every big town. i think Keith got his boots from (chelsea boots) from Anello & David in Drury lane late 60’s Chelsea antique market & Kensington market”

Never seen this picture before but is dates from 1965. The Who playing Uxbridge Blues Festival.
More on the picture and write up from a Mod of the time Keith Davies, who also took the picture here.

In the picture below Moon once again has desert boots with a white sole on, and again they match with his clothes. I know we are meant to be looking at the shoes, but have you seen Daltrey’s jacket? Black suede with a leather collar! How cool!

Daltrey and Entwistle are both wearing Chelsea Boots here, and I think the shoes Townshend has on have been worn by him in several shots, spanning a year! I seem to recall someone saying he liked handmade shoes, I know I have heard the name of the make before but I can’t quite recall it, I think it might’ve been Rivilio!

On the famous My Generation cover, three of the band are in Chelsea Boots again, but like in the previous picture, the outfits they combine them with make them look even better. Moon looks so good with the simple colour combinations, and his legs look so slim. Daltrey also pulls off the jean jacket.

Such a good cover and the outfits are spot on.

By the end of the sixties the band turned into rock gods and Daltrey became the consummate rock performer. Shoes-wise, it was more boots with an American influence; I won’t go into too much detail in this article, apart from to mention that Townshend wore boots well into the 80’s. I also heard him say in an interview that he liked the ‘every man nature of working boots’ meaning that whilst everyone else was glam, he wanted to be mundane!

I think he may have needed some new boots! Monkey Boots again!

To end this article I would like to conclude that The Who played the mod card well for as long as they needed to. Meaning that, like all bands at the time, they followed, and also formed fashion. Whilst it may have suited them, they also looked good and dressed to match the music they were making.

Despite what we think and want to believe, image is as important to a band as the music they play, and The Who (or their friends around them did) worked this out very early on.

One of the GREATEST BANDS EVER and that’s a fact.

Some of the shoes we sell that relate to this article:

Monkey Boots

Pete Townsend in The High Numbers wearing Monkey Boots

Monkey Boots
Often thought as a Skinhead fashion, the Monkey Boot creeps on to the MOD stage for couple of reasons.

1. Hard MODS, basically late 60’s MODS becoming skins would wear them
2. Weller and Ian Page can be seen wearing some in a few pictures on MOD revival.

I have had a few pairs.  Once worn in, they are really comfortable. The elusive brown ones have been really hard to get hold of for years but are now being re-made. Some the traditional skins I know say that their stitching is not the same. I only have seen one true old pair of browns, which were bought on a car boot sale here in Peterborough and they were a girls size!

The tread of the Monkey Boot has a distinctive tractor tyre design and the composite material they are made from is durable. Monkey Boots can last a lot longer than DMs and mile for mile they are better value. They were the standard issue Czechoslovakian army boot of WW2. Monkey boots are available in most towns in the UK.

There are variations of monkey boots, Trickers make a very nice boot, leather sole and the detailing is amazing, but they are not cheap, and you normally have to order and wait 6 months.

There are currently several kinds of monkey boots for sale, the ones we had made , shown below, to be very well made and a quality item at a reasonable price, throw in that they are made in the UK, adds to the offering.


Pete Townsend in The High Numbers wearing Monkey Boots
Pete Townsend in The High Numbers wearing Monkey Boots
I think he may have needed some new boots ! Monkey Boots again !
I think he may have needed some new boots ! Monkey Boots again !

Monkey Boots mod shoes oxblood monkey boots 04 mod shoes black monkey boots 04 mod shoes oxblood monkey boots 02 mod shoes Delicious_Juntion_Finsbury_Monkey_Boot5