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Mod Shoes & Classic Outfit No1 – The Harrington

modshoes tassel loafers weavers the allnightersMod Shoes & Classic Outfit No1 – The Harrington

There are many classic looks out there, but this one has to be up there at the top.

The red Harrington is an absolute classic. Coupled with a pair of jeans or trousers and some smart shoes, it can be argued that you are ready for 95% of the time. This means you can go to the pub, you can go into town on a Saturday, football, Soul do, SKA do, scooter rally, GIG , the list is very long

And thats one of the major reason we do often do pictures of our shoes with this setup.

Now there are many Harrington makes out there, and you can buy ones from £20 to whatever price you like . Some say the original Baracuta G9 , as worn by many film stars etc, is the only authentic one. The one in the pics is a Ben Sherman, the cloth is pretty good for the price.

But it is what you put it with that counts, and we think the shoes below hit the spot! So yes a Tassel loafer, Brogue or Desert boot is going to look pretty good. Personally I prefer a dark jean with more formal shoes. But a desert boot goes pretty much with any shade of jean.

And its not just jeans, as you can see in the pics, normal trousers can also fit really well.

We hope you like the pics

Harrington > Ben Sherman
Jeans > Levis 301
Trousers > Adaptor Clothing
Shirt > Photographers Own

modshoes black penny loafers the earls with harringotn modshoes black tassel loafers with red harrington modshoes brown brogues with jeans and harrington modshoes chestnut tassel loafers with jeans modshoes desert boots with red harrington modshoes deset boots with harrington in red Modshoes mod ska tassel loafersm with red harrington modshoes monkey boots mod ska with red harrington modshoes monkey boots with harrington modshoes monkey boots with red harrington modshoes nut brown monkey boots with red harrington modshoes oxblood brogues with jeans harrington modshoes oxblood brogues with red harrington modshoes oxblood burgundy tassel loafers with jeans and harrington modshoes oxblood monkey boots and red harrington modshoes oxblood monkey boots with harrington modshoes oxblood tassel loafers with red harrington modshoes penny loafers the earls with jeans and red harrington modshoes red harrington with chestnut tassel loafers the dukes modshoes ska tassel loafers black with harringotn modshoes tassel loafers weavers the allnighters

Ready For The Weekend Photoshot


As you know we like taking pics at Modshoes. These ones were inspired by a friend on Facebook.

She had her Lambretta packed up “ready for the weekend”, think it was the IOW last year. I thought it was a good image and made me think about that feeling you get when you are off for the weekend.

I like to get my latest clothes and obviously shoes together and be thinking about the weekend ahead. In the pics you can just see my LI150, which i wish i went out more often.

When i was a teenager the little case you can see possibly would have been big enough for the whole weekend ! Nowadays, well its a bit more !

Hope you like the pics, and if you have any ideas like these above drop us a line.

Readyfortheweekend-alnighters-01 Readyfortheweekend-alnighters-02 Readyfortheweekend-Bordo-Bridgers Readyfortheweekend-dukes Readyfortheweekend-dukes-02 Readyfortheweekend-stone-prestons Readyfortheweekend-Tan-Prestons

DJ Warren Peace – My Sole Collection


Guest Blog from Dj Warren Peace. Lots to read here from the Marmite of MOD! Over to you fella. 

As anyone who listens to my show knows by now, I am not what you consider the typical mod. I love the 60’s. It was an era where men were Sean Connery and not Harry Styles. A time of phenomenal music, style and social change. Most importantly to me as a mod, it marked the birth of the movement which changed my life. Whilst I ‘tip my hat’ to this of often over-romanticized bygone decade, I’m happy that I live in 2013. To ’60‘s man’ I am George Jetson and like George, I live my life as a true MODERNist. What does that mean? Well, in a nutshell I’m obsessive about style and details and embrace the finest aspects of what ‘now’ has to offer whilst incorporating the best of the past into my daily wardrobe, living space and iPod. In essence, I celebrate the 60’s but I’m aware (and glad) that I don’t live in them. You could never mistake my look as an extra from ‘The Spy Who Shagged Me’ and my ‘mod styling’ is anything but the bog-standard mod 101 look. As I’ve said ad nauseam on the show, mod isn’t a halloween costume. It’s style over fashion and looking exceptional… without exception. Clean lines, form and functionality. End of. When I look at the way a fellow mod or any man dresses for that matter, it’s the opposite of sexual foreplay with a woman, i.e. I don’t start from the top and work down, I start below the ankle…at the shoes, and work up.

I love shoes. What mod doesn’t? My SOLE collection has always been much greater than my SOUL collection and I’m proud of that fact. (You can’t wear Gino Parks to a cocktail party now, can you?) I live each day as a mod, not just the weekends, so my shoes get a lot of wear and tear as dressing up is just ‘another day at the office’ in Warren’s world. You will find few if ANY ‘mod labels’ in my wardrobe or shoes many would consider ‘proper mod’, or ‘mod’ at all for that matter. I’m into well-made, timeless classics and I’d rather have one of something great than ten pieces of tat glued or stitched together by a 13 year old in Cambodia. Shoes so well made they will last a lifetime with the right care and repair and eventually, accompany me to the great Soul Night in the Sky (by the way, the John Lobb Ilford 6-eyelet prestige oxfords are the front-runners to accompany me 6ft under at the time of writing this!) With that said, here are a few of my current favorites. Warning: My opinion changes weekly so by the time you read this, I’ll probably deny owning half of them.

Let’s kick it all of with my Bergdorf Goodman Dover loafers with front penny strap.Italian made in a gorgeous bordeaux shade of leather. These almost feel like you aren’t wearing shoes at all and that’s a win for me with high arches. Leather sole (which looks a little like rubber in the picture but is not) and hand-stitched detailing.  For the fashionistas among you, the shoes are resting on my  Luciano Barbera three button sport-coat, also classic Italian. I love LB and although you can’t see it here, the lining matches the shoes, so I often wear these in combination with one another. Pair with a light blue, penny collar french cuff shirt and pocket square and we have lift off.

Bergdorf Goodman Dover loafers

My favorite shoes without a doubt have always been and will always be, wingtip brogues. It’s a classic, time-less and versatile shoe that can be worn casual or dressy and brings a hint of elegance to any outfit instantly.


I’m not big on vintage shoes. Something to do with my distaste for wearing something that’s been wrapped around another man’s sweaty feet for 30 years, but these were just too exceptional to pass up. Tan brogues donkeys years old but still in amazing shape. I look after them well and they’ve lasted because their original owner clearly did the same.

I like to take chances with outfits and have no hesitation pairing these with navy blue or dark grey pinstripe suits for that additional and unexpected ‘pop’ or more traditionally, with my light grey Price of Wales check double breasted suit.

I believe mod is about individuality. Creating one’s OWN style and standing out from sloppy society and what better a way to do it than in these.  Something about them reminds me of my old science teacher…a hard mean bastard but boy…could he dress!

Next up..the iconic mod Chelsea boot, Italian made by Tods in a dark chocolate suede. I like Tods and I LOVE suede. Too much! A b*** to maintain but so worth it. I have lots of suede shoes but my favorite pair of all are my CB’s!

Todds Chelsea Boots

They look great with almost anything. On a recent trip to Montreal I picked up a pair of unworn light beige sta-prest trousers from the 60’s (warehouse find!) thanks to my host, Parka Avenue mod blogger Patrick Foisy knowing the right people. The cut of the trousers are a little higher to the ankle so perfect for boots like these. Check shirt, sunglasses and suede jacket and I’m ready to scoot! I’m also a mod who unashamedly admits to loving the Beatles, although I’ve never done well with a cuban heel. I’m tall and so adding a few inches makes me feel like Gulliver among the Lilliputians! As you can see, the Tods Chelsea boots heels are much flatter.

Back to the brogues! Meet my American pals…the  John Varvatos Hallowell Wing Tips.

John Varvatos Hallowell Wing Tips
John Varvatos Hallowell Wing Tips

The picture doesn’t quite do these justice but the color, a deep rich mocha is jaw dropping and an asset almost any outfit I decide to pair these with.

Since I acquired these I have a better appreciation for how large-breasted women must feel because during every conversation, the other person’s eyes invariably gravitate downwards usually followed by light salivating. Poor old Babs Windsor!

Not the finest quality shoe I own but the highly polished leather, tonal stitching and comfort won me over when I found these on sale earlier this year. I just had a Rodger Stirling (Mad Men) 3-piece suit crafted by my tailor in a light vintage grey with slim lapels and a 6 button vest. Add crisp, fitted imperial oxford weave white french cuff shirt with penny collar, vintage gold wrap-around mesh cufflinks, skinny knitted navy polkadot tie and my JV’s. Does the look follow the mod rule book? Not at all… but stand me next to a Tonik Suit Charlie  wearing his ‘off the rack and on the back’ and tell me who’s the Face.

Prada Penny Loafers

The original Mods look was inspired by the ‘movers and groovers’ of the Italian/ continental high fashion scene and the US preppie collegiate look. Fast forward to today and High Italian fashion in 2013 doesn’t get better than Prada in my opinion. Prada was founded in 1913 in Milan by Mario Prada and is currently one of the most influential clothing lines in the fashion industry, with an iconic collection that includes sunglasses, handbags, suits, shirts and some amazing shoes. These penny loafers have the honorable/notorious distinction of being my dance shoes of choice. All leather in a  strange shade of emerald green/ fading to black. Not for everyone but definitely for me. The ethos of the Face was to push the boundaries and believe me when I say, these do just that. A great shoe to wear with both jeans or trousers. The talcum powder  brushes off with ease and they maintain a flawless, unworn look despite untold hours of gettin’ down! Shoes are photographed here with July 1968’s edition of Playboy and my desk mascot, bulldog ‘Jack’ (a gift from ‘M’).


Why would I wear decent dress shoes when riding my ’68 Vespa 180SS? Answer…I wouldn’t! Enter the Desert Boot… not necessarily the staple of a Mods wardrobe but definitely a ‘MUST HAVE’ for any scooter riding mod.  NEVER, EVER pair Desert Boots with a suit like Jimmy Cooper! You’re a real mod not an actor dressed by a costumer and you can do better…no, HAVE to do better than that!  I have two kinds of DB’s. Classic brown suede (told you) Clarks with rust stitching and laces (there’s that attention to detail I was telling you about). The lighter suede pair are Italian made by Miu Miu, a high fashion brand of clothing and accessories from the Prada fashion house headed by Miuccia Prada (hence the name). Due to the color they take a lot of upkeep but are going on 13 years old now! Both look great with some light cotton fitted beige chinos for the Sunday scooter ride, leather belt and a casual Fred Perry pique cotton top or my preferred cashmere or merino wool knitted polos.

Tom Ford Tassel Loafers

Last but not least, the latest addition to Warren Peace’s Shoeland, a pair of tassel loafers by Tom Ford. While I can’t say that Tom Ford shoes warrant the ridiculous retail sticker cost that comes with them, I can say that for a “designer” he does have some beautiful and well made shoes under his label (i.e. sources the best shoemaker that he could find in Italy to make his shoes). They give you all that you look for in a high end shoes: good leather, beveled waists, clean looking soles, great design and they’re built to last. The color is described as ‘antiqued’. Every single Italian maker was doing it  a while back and it was almost as if you couldn’t find a shoe that did not have a burnish on it, at least here in the States. Nothing wrong with a bit of toe darkening in my book, so bring on the burnish I say!

I fly often and loafers are practical for darting thorough airport security. I also dress to fly, always. The Jet Age is alive and well, at least in my head, and so at any given time on any airport concourse you’ll find me wearing these or something similar sitting amongst the sea of flip flops, crocs, yoga pants and cargo shorts. Definitely a shoe for the power meeting but less formal and stuffy than lace ups. Dress better than your boss is my MO. These will see to that.

That’s your lot for now. So many shoes, so little time! Again, my daily mod style is anything but cookie cutter. For my money the classic look of the English country gentleman, Italian fashionista or American Ivy Leaguer can’t be beaten. Shoes don’t MAKE the man but they can BREAK the outfit. Be an individual and wear what looks good on you, not the other ten charlie’s at soul night down the Hope and Anchor. Challenge the sensibilities. Be the best YOU can be and when in doubt, refer to the fictional mod rule book that some of the more ‘discerning mods’ among us magically own and often reference. Rule #1… style before fashion, always. Rule #2 Look sharp and watch the details and my personal favorite..Rule #3…there are no f%*&g rules!

Peace out!

mod shoes dj warren peaceWarren Peace hosts We are the M♂ds! with Warren Peace radio show Available for download of streaming on iTunes or Podomatic also playing on Mod Radio UK- Radio a Go Go (

Video Review – Orange Cord Mod Shoes Rawlings


A short review of these very stylish Orange, Yes ORANGE cord shoes.

The shoes are part of the DJ range of shoes, This one is the Rawlings. The shoes comes in 3 colours Green, Purple and the one in review here Orange.

I have worn some green ones 4 -5 times now to various events. The shoe has been very comfortable. The style hugs the foot and is not for a very wide foot. What i was surprised about was the sole, it felt hard to touch and thought it may not prove good to wear. I was wrong on this, the hard sole made it slip very nicely around Mod Club The Alley Club dance floor recently.

The suede upper has nice cord effect and if i am honest i thought would be more expensive shoe. Certainly i think it would sit well with some more high level shoe makers. But this is where i think DJ have done us good again, good looking shoe at a great value.

mod shoes Terry Rawlings in orange shoesOne thing that has been debated is what colours will go with the Orange. We think this

  • Dark Blue suit
  • Black Suit with another spot of orange somewhere
  • White jeans and very light green or orange short.
  • Yes dark blue demin
  • and possibly a dark brown suit

I welcome peoples thoughts on this. Below are some pictures of Mr Darrin Clarke wearing his recently. I think Darrin got it right, the suit looks nice with the shoes and notice the hanky in the pocket of the jacket. Also notice his very lovely wife with orange on as well.

mod shoes dj orange cord shoes rawlings 01 mod shoes dj orange cord shoes rawlings 02 mod shoes dj orange cord shoes rawlings 03 mod shoes dj orange cord shoes rawlings 04

The Who & Mod Shoes !!!!!!!!!!

I must have looked at The Who in pictures a thousand times. They are one of the most photographed bands of the 60’s, loads and loads of reasons for this being far beyond this article. What this does mean though is that there are a good number of shots of their feet, some of which are in colour.

So let’s start near the beginning, pre- Who and pre-High Numbers, The Detours are just another London band.

Fashion-wise they are not jumping out. I couldn’t find any good pictures of the feet!

It took Pete Meaden and some money from xxxxx to get messers Townshend, Daltrey, Entwistle and Moon into some decent gear. It is common knowledge that Daltrey was to be the face and the others the numbers, hence the smart looking two tone shoes for him. Interestingly, Entwistle was given some Boxing Boots which he took an instant dislike to, claiming later that he walked through a puddle to make them dirty!

I think this is the first shot after the new look!
The High Numbers starting to look cool. Notice the Two Tone shoes Weller loved, and Townshend in Monkey Boots

Early on, the band go through desert boots, boxing boots, Chelsea boots, and even monkey boots. As with any groovy top band from the time, The Who paraded in Carnaby fashion.

Carnaby Street, I presume?

Below you can see Pete wearing some two colour shoes. The shoes look like part leather and part cord. I have no idea on the make, but I think they date from around 65/66. Harrison and Marriot had similar pairs.

Loving the Blue boots and Townshend’s shoes

Daltrey has a lovely pair of what I think are blue pumps. Moon also follows the theme with some cool looking blue desert boots; notice as well the White/Cream sole!

What I really like about the picture is that the colour of the shoes matches with something else in the outfit. You can’t quite see Entwistle’s boots, as they are more of a brown colour, which is not matching anything!

I asked Peter “Dougal” Butler who was Keith Moon’s assistant and driver about Keith’s shoes. He kindly replied with this.

“Mod era in London i remember Topper’s & a shop called Ravel. By the mid 70s to 80s Ravel was in every big town. i think Keith got his boots from (chelsea boots) from Anello & David in Drury lane late 60’s Chelsea antique market & Kensington market”

Never seen this picture before but is dates from 1965. The Who playing Uxbridge Blues Festival.
More on the picture and write up from a Mod of the time Keith Davies, who also took the picture here.

In the picture below Moon once again has desert boots with a white sole on, and again they match with his clothes. I know we are meant to be looking at the shoes, but have you seen Daltrey’s jacket? Black suede with a leather collar! How cool!

Daltrey and Entwistle are both wearing Chelsea Boots here, and I think the shoes Townshend has on have been worn by him in several shots, spanning a year! I seem to recall someone saying he liked handmade shoes, I know I have heard the name of the make before but I can’t quite recall it, I think it might’ve been Rivilio!

On the famous My Generation cover, three of the band are in Chelsea Boots again, but like in the previous picture, the outfits they combine them with make them look even better. Moon looks so good with the simple colour combinations, and his legs look so slim. Daltrey also pulls off the jean jacket.

Such a good cover and the outfits are spot on.

By the end of the sixties the band turned into rock gods and Daltrey became the consummate rock performer. Shoes-wise, it was more boots with an American influence; I won’t go into too much detail in this article, apart from to mention that Townshend wore boots well into the 80’s. I also heard him say in an interview that he liked the ‘every man nature of working boots’ meaning that whilst everyone else was glam, he wanted to be mundane!

I think he may have needed some new boots! Monkey Boots again!

To end this article I would like to conclude that The Who played the mod card well for as long as they needed to. Meaning that, like all bands at the time, they followed, and also formed fashion. Whilst it may have suited them, they also looked good and dressed to match the music they were making.

Despite what we think and want to believe, image is as important to a band as the music they play, and The Who (or their friends around them did) worked this out very early on.

One of the GREATEST BANDS EVER and that’s a fact.

Some of the shoes we sell that relate to this article:

Video review of the Dark Brown Vandellas Cords from Delicious Junction

Video review of the Dark Brown Vandellas Cords from Delicious Junction

This is the Delicious Junction Vandella shoe. It comes on 3 colours Dark Brown, Tan & Bordo. The bordo colour to me is like a red wine colour, not quite a purple. All 3 colours have matching (or very near) leather to supplement the Suede.

This is a definite going out shoe for a few reasons. Suede is not an everyday wear, well not in the UK, or anywhere else it rains alot. Personally i think the Bordo would look really good with a dark blue suit. The dark brown as reviewed here is a very nice colour, i am not convinced with dark jeans, but perhaps of an outfit like a suede jacket ?

George Harrison in some cord shoes.

The shoe style reminds of mid 60’s Beatles. In particular George Harrison. He has some really nice clothes around 65 – 67. His shoes also very natty. I thought he was wearing something like these in the Paperback Writer video.

In terms of wearing it is very comfortable shoe and fits snuggly. The sizing is good on these, so go for your normal size. The suede is going to stretch after a few wears. The base of the shoe is very similar to the Delicious Junction Weaver.

It has 2 Eyelet tie lace, Construction: Leather upper – Leather/ textile lining – Rubber sole, Sizes available: 6-12.

Video review of the New Terry Rawlings Shoe from Delicious Junction

Video review of the New Terry Rawlings Shoe from Delicious Junction

Very close to these fellas i reckon ?

These are very cool shoes, distinctly remind us of Steve Marriott & Small Faces era 1966.

They fit very well and are comfortable straight out of the box. There is limited stock on these so if you are interested i would buy sooner rather than later.

In terms of sizing, the 8 was snug on my feet, i am an 8, on one foot and 8.5 on my right, and they fitted well. If you are a very wide foot, it may be best to go up a size, but remember this suede so it is going to stretch.

The shoe is made up of both suede and leather. It has 4 hole eyelites and comes in Sizes: 6-12. The construction is very good and it feels like a sturdy shoe.

For more information please watch the video review here