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Gibson London and Modshoes

Gibson London and Modshoes

You will notice we do a few photo shots with Gibson Clothing. We do this becuase we like their clothes. Some are not what many would think are MOD, but thats kind of not the point. Smart clothes are smart clothes, and good many of MODshoes customers are not MODS !

So thats got that out of the way, what we love about their clothes is they are cool, smart, orginal, with a nod to the past, but complementary and lots of other adjectives, but most importantly they are GOOD

We like teaming up parts of their range with other makes and importantly our shoes. So below you will see our Tassel Loafers with several outfits. The same for our Jeffery West Weavers.

The prince of wales Harrington is a classic , and goes with loads of our shoes, and the check means it can sit with our new black penny loafers the Earls.

The country squire look they do is a very now / current , but also retains a vintage classic integrity, a man who know his stuff.

The Boating blazer below is so so cool and look so good with our Chestnut Dukes

Notice as well a classic 3 button mod suit, with covered buttons. The colour is very cool and proper stand out in a crowd.

What we also like about their clothes is you can buy fairly easy but not everywhere, something we try to do with our shoes.

modshoes-prince-of-wales-harrington-with-dukes---Gibson-Clothing modshoes-weavers-jeffery-west-with-hawkins-shirt modshoes-prestons-stone-with-blue-gibson-jacket-01 modshoes-weavers-from-jeffery-west-shirt-by-Hawkins-Sheperd modshoes-oxblood-tassel-loafwers-with-prince-of-wales-suit modshoes-tassel-loafers-with-hawkins-sherpers-shirt-with-mod-jacket modshoes-oxblood-royals-with-prince-of-wales-harrington-jacket-from-Gibson-clothing modshoes-tassel-loafers-the-dukes-in-chestnut-with-hawkins-pin-collar-shirt Modshoes-Oxblood-Royal-Brogues-with-Prince-of-Wales-Harrington-from-Gibson-Clothes modshoes-penny-loafers-with-hawkins-pin-collar-shirt modshoes-oxblood-monkey-boots-with-prince-of-wales-harrington-from-gibson-clothing modshoes-penny-loafers-and-mod-jacket-hawkins-and-sherperds-shirt modshoes-oxblood-dukes-with-light-blue-jacket-from-gibson-clothing modshoes-oxblood-dukes-with-gibson-clothing-boating-balzer modshoes-oxblood-jeffery-west-shoes-with-hawkins-sherperd-shirt modshoes-oxblood-dukes-with-gibson-boating-blazer modshoes-jeffery-west-shoes-with-pin-collar-shirt-from-Hawkins-and-Sheperds Modshoes-Oxblood-dukess-with-Prince-of-Wales-Harrington-from-Gibson-Clothes modshoes-brogues-with-mod-jacket-and-hawkins-shirt modshoes-nut-brown-monkey-boots-with-prince-of-wales-harrington-from-gibson-clothes modshoes-brogues-bridgers-with-suit-and-hawkins-shirt modshoes-monkey-boots-oxblood-with-Gibson-suit-01 modshoes-mahogany-brown-bridgers-with-gibson-boating-blazer modshoes-mahogany-bridgers-with-light-blue-gibson-jacket modshoes-dukes-oxblood-tassel-loafer-with-blue-jack-from-gibson-clothing modshoes-dukes-tassel-loafers-with-gibson-suit modshoes-loake-royals-with-gibson-blue-suit modshoes-loake-toyals-with-harrington-jacket-prince-of-wales-gibson-clothing modshoes-chestnut-dukes-with-light-blue-gibson-jacket modshoes-chestnuyt-tassel-loafers-with-blue-jacket-form-gibson-clothing modshoes-chestnut-dukes-with-gibson-clothing-boating-blazer modshoes-chestnut-dukes-with-gibson-boating-blazer modshoes-brown-nut-monkey-boots-with-suit-from-gibson-clothing modshoes-bridger-brogues-with-prince-of-wales-suit-from-gibson-clothes modshoes-black-weavers-with-light-blue-jacket-from-gibson-clothes modshoes-black-weavers-and-blue-gibson-jacket modshoes-black-monkey-boots-with-prince-of-wales-harrington-from-gibson-clothing


modshoes-with-prince-of-wales-suit-from-gibson-clothing-01 modshoes-with-gibson-clothing-suit-01 modshoes-with-gibson-clothing-mod-suit modshoes-with-chestnut-dukes-with-gibson-jacket modshoes-weavers-with-gibson-clothing-mod-suit-02 modshoes-stone-prestons-with-prince-of-wales-harrington-from-gibson-clothes modshoes-stone-prestons-with-gibson-clothing-boating-blazer modshoes-prince-of-wales-suit-from-gibson-clothing


Stepped Mod Trousers and Shoes

Stepped Mod Trousers and Shoes

Here at modshoes we liked the stepped trousers. When done correctly the trouser sits really good with the shoes, and keeps that all important line in the the trouser from buckling.

I don’t want to go into some long article about tailoring, but i do get asked where can you buy these style of trousers from ? Hence why i am writing. The trousers themselves are from Adaptor Clotting, who are now making their own range of clothes inc Suits and Trouser.

But the important bit is the step you have to get a Tailor or seamstress to help you with. There are differing thoughts on height and it can make a difference which shoes you wear, and the width of the trouser. So the edge of the trouser must be just shy of the top of the shoe, but not too much as you end up with ankle swingers.

If you are thinking of getting your trousers done, make sure you get a trouser that sits right around your waist or hip, as the whole exercise can be rendered useless if you pull your trousers up after !

Now in terms of the shoes you can see here a few example from the Modshoes range, and we think they go nicely with the blue trousers. Personally i love seeing a bit of the Tassels or Fringe coming out from below the trouser. When done right it can look very smart.

Sometimes the laces on a brogue or normal shoe can get caught, so bare this in mind if you are thinking about this style.

Anyways enjoy the pics.

DSC_0060 DSC_0059 DSC_0058 DSC_0057 DSC_0055 DSC_0050 DSC_0051 DSC_0052 DSC_0053 DSC_0054

Modshoes and Smart Green Check Suit

Modshoes and Smart Green Check Suit

Suits are the mainstay of any mod wardrobe. The classic suit comes in many forms, and there are generally a few pointers to a mod suit, over say a normal work suit, or of the peg number.

I dont want get pulled into the 3 button rules etc. As there are plenty of much better websites with that kind of thing on. Parka Ave being a very good one.

My concern is the shoes and do they go with the suit, and possible more importantly the cloth it is made from. In the pictures you can see suits which have very subtle patterns.

Yes , other aspects infulence the overall look, like tie, socks etc but the main amoount of area shown in the suit, and then the shoes !

Its the colour in the patterns that make the pallet you work with. Now its judgement and also your choice what you think works and doesnt. In the pictures is a very dark green suit, with small grey and blue fleck. The other suit is a very Dark grey with a tiny line of red running through it, which nealry impossible to see on the pics.

This kind of subtle thread are think are great, and compliment with our shoes make a really good outift.

I will end with one think that i truely believe in though, i think tis a real shame to see a great outfit, but cheap shoes ! By that i mean shoes that dont match. Make sure the quality is mainyained through the whole of the outfit .

More detials by the pics

modshoes-black-tassel-loafers-with-mod-suit modshoes-chestnut-tassel-loafer-the-dukes-with-mod-suit modshoes-jeffery-west-exclusives-with-mod-suit modshoes-jeffery-west-shoes-with-grey-pattern-mod-suit modshoes-mod-suit-with-jeffery-west-shoes modshoes-mod-suit-with-jeffery-west-shoes-02 modshoes-mod-suit-with-jeffery-west-shoes-04 modshoes-mod-suit-with-jeffery-west-shoes-05 modshoes-oxblood-tassel-loafers-with-mod-suit modshoes-oxblood-weaver-tassel-loafers-with-mod-suit modshoes-penny-loafers-with-mod-suit modshoes-tassel-loafers-with-mod-suit-01 modshoes-weaver-shoes-from-jeffery-west-with-mod-suit modshoes-weavers-with-mod-suit-01 modshoes-weavers-with-mod-suit-02

Modshoes and Hawkins & Shepherds Shirts

modshoes-with-hawkins-shirt-01Modshoes and Hawkins & Shepherds Shirts

As we often mention, we like to put our shoes with other company’s clothes so that you get a feel for an outfit that you have, or may be planning. Personally, I am drawn to their shirts as I like the pin collar look.

In terms of our shoes, we think nearly all of them work together, from tassel loafers to brogues like the Bridgers. The Jeffery West shoes we know most certainly do.

We first came across these shirts at a trade show, and were really pleased to find them. Generally, on the high street,  it is hard work to get a good collared shirt.

The company offer numerous types of Pin Collar Shirts, several of which you can see in the pictures. They also include hidden tabs, and hook and look collars. This author loves collars that ‘stay still’, and has spent most of his years in Button Downs.

Another bonus about them was that they are an English company. Amongst the many styles of collar on offer, they had the four shown below, which were my personal favourites.

Formal Pin Collar Curve

Formal Pin Collar Straight

Casual Pin Collar Curve

Formal Tab Collar Curve

Now my first reaction was a flashback to that 1962 period, where bands like The Beatles would wear these, and that’s what drew me to them.

So we did one of our photoshoots showing several of the shirts, with our shoes.

We think they both complement each other very nicely.

Their website, including many cool shirts, can be found here

Enjoy the pics

modshoes-brogues-bridgers-with-hawkins-sherperds-stripped-shirt modshoes-hawkins-shirt-with-jeffery-west-excclusives modshoes-jeffery-west-muse-oxblood-with-Hawkins-and-sheperd-shirt modshoes-jeffery-west-shoes-with-hawkins-sheperds-shirt modshoes-jeffery-west-weavers-with-hawkins-sheperds-shirt modshoes-jeffery-west-weavers-with-hawkins-shirt modshoes-mod-ska-brogues-with-shirt-from-PIN-COLLAR-SHIRTS-01 modshoes-oxblood-brogues-with-hawkins-sheperds-striped-shirt-01 modshoes-oxblood-tassel-loafer-with-shirt-from-PIN-COLLAR-SHIRTS modshoes-penny-loafers-with-hawkins-sheperds-shirts modshoes-penny-loafers-with-hawkins-shirt modshoes-stiped-shirt-form-hawkins-with-jeffery-west-shoes modshoes-tassel-loafers-the-dukes-with-shirt-from-Hawkins-and-Sheperd modshoes-tassel-loafers-with-hawkins-shirts modshoes-with-hawkins-shirt-01 modshoes-with-mod-brogues-the-bridgers-and-shirt-by-hawkins-sheperd

Mod Shoes & Classic Outfit No1 – The Harrington

modshoes tassel loafers weavers the allnightersMod Shoes & Classic Outfit No1 – The Harrington

There are many classic looks out there, but this one has to be up there at the top.

The red Harrington is an absolute classic. Coupled with a pair of jeans or trousers and some smart shoes, it can be argued that you are ready for 95% of the time. This means you can go to the pub, you can go into town on a Saturday, football, Soul do, SKA do, scooter rally, GIG , the list is very long

And thats one of the major reason we do often do pictures of our shoes with this setup.

Now there are many Harrington makes out there, and you can buy ones from £20 to whatever price you like . Some say the original Baracuta G9 , as worn by many film stars etc, is the only authentic one. The one in the pics is a Ben Sherman, the cloth is pretty good for the price.

But it is what you put it with that counts, and we think the shoes below hit the spot! So yes a Tassel loafer, Brogue or Desert boot is going to look pretty good. Personally I prefer a dark jean with more formal shoes. But a desert boot goes pretty much with any shade of jean.

And its not just jeans, as you can see in the pics, normal trousers can also fit really well.

We hope you like the pics

Harrington > Ben Sherman
Jeans > Levis 301
Trousers > Adaptor Clothing
Shirt > Photographers Own

modshoes black penny loafers the earls with harringotn modshoes black tassel loafers with red harrington modshoes brown brogues with jeans and harrington modshoes chestnut tassel loafers with jeans modshoes desert boots with red harrington modshoes deset boots with harrington in red Modshoes mod ska tassel loafersm with red harrington modshoes monkey boots mod ska with red harrington modshoes monkey boots with harrington modshoes monkey boots with red harrington modshoes nut brown monkey boots with red harrington modshoes oxblood brogues with jeans harrington modshoes oxblood brogues with red harrington modshoes oxblood burgundy tassel loafers with jeans and harrington modshoes oxblood monkey boots and red harrington modshoes oxblood monkey boots with harrington modshoes oxblood tassel loafers with red harrington modshoes penny loafers the earls with jeans and red harrington modshoes red harrington with chestnut tassel loafers the dukes modshoes ska tassel loafers black with harringotn modshoes tassel loafers weavers the allnighters

Open Day 31st October 2015 At Modshoes


Yes we are having our first open day on the 31st October.

The idea is to allow you to come and see the shoes in the flesh as such. We know many people like to see and more importantly “Try On” shoes before buying.

So we are going to have all our Shoe brand on display and many of our exclusives.

On the day we have several djs playing classics MOD , Soul, SKA etc. There will be a Raffle on behalf of Teenage Cancer Trust, which so far has some top prizes.

We will be doing some specials on the day, and our staff will be here and happy to talk you through any questions you may have

Our Address is
Unit 5
Fenlake Business Centre

Which is near the Cinema and Greyhound stadium. Which are very easy to find, and marked on road signs. If you get lost on the way here please ring 01733 455976 and one of guys will do their best to get you here.

If you would like to but a raffle ticket, please use this link

Raffle Prizes – Here are some pics of a few of the raffle pirzes. gibson-clothing-jumper mods-mayday-dvd raffle-prize-01-modshoes-open-day raffle-prize-02-modshoes-open-day raffle-prize-03-modshoes-open-day raffle-prize-04-modshoes-open-day raffle-prize-05-modshoes-open-day raffle-prize-06-modshoes-open-day


Two Tone Trousers and Formal Shoes


At Modshoes we like to take pictures of our shoes with Trouser combinations, that we think you would also wear our shoes with.

So we got a few of our popular shoes and took them with a “Blue/Green Tonic” and “Burgundy / Black Trousers”

We like the results and thought you would like to see them.

In some pics we have put a scarve, this we did because we thought of the 3rd colour you may combine the outfit with. For instance maybe a Fred Perry Polo or Classic Ben Sherman style button down.

In most cases Black or Oxblood shoes go with the trousers. I am not sure brown shoes would go with the colours we used. Depends on shade of the leather i suppose.

Anyway enjoy the pictures

mod-shoes-black-loake-brogues-with-two-tone-trousers mod-shoes-black-tassel-loafers-with-Burgundy-trousers mod-shoes-black-tassel-loafers-with-two-tone-trousers mod-shoes-black-weavers-with-burgundy-trousers mod-shoes-black-white-tassel-loafers-with-burgundy-trousers mod-shoes-ladies-tassel-loafers-with-burgundy-trousers mod-shoes-oxblood-brogues-bridgers-with-two-tone-trousers mod-shoes-oxblood-brogues-loake-with-burgundy-trousers mod-shoes-oxblood-brouges-bridgers-with-burgundy-trousers mod-shoes-oxblood-tassel-loafer-brogues-with-burgundy-trousers mod-shoes-oxblood-tassel-loafers-with-burgundy-trousers mod-shoes-oxblood-tassel-loafers-with-two-tone-trousers mod-shoes-oxblood-tassel-loafer-with-Two-tone-trousers mod-shoes-weaver-tassel-loafers-with-burgundy-trousers oxblood-brogues-with-two-tone-trousers

Ready For The Weekend Photoshot


As you know we like taking pics at Modshoes. These ones were inspired by a friend on Facebook.

She had her Lambretta packed up “ready for the weekend”, think it was the IOW last year. I thought it was a good image and made me think about that feeling you get when you are off for the weekend.

I like to get my latest clothes and obviously shoes together and be thinking about the weekend ahead. In the pics you can just see my LI150, which i wish i went out more often.

When i was a teenager the little case you can see possibly would have been big enough for the whole weekend ! Nowadays, well its a bit more !

Hope you like the pics, and if you have any ideas like these above drop us a line.

Readyfortheweekend-alnighters-01 Readyfortheweekend-alnighters-02 Readyfortheweekend-Bordo-Bridgers Readyfortheweekend-dukes Readyfortheweekend-dukes-02 Readyfortheweekend-stone-prestons Readyfortheweekend-Tan-Prestons