Monkey Boot Road Test Review Modshoes

We have had these boots for a while now, and at last i finally got my own pair. I love monkey boots, as they are not as in your face as DMs. I have worn since early 80s, but i always wanted a better quality pair. The ones i had back then and you get still get, are great but not the best.

Trickers make a very good pair, but at £450 a pair they are out of most peoples pockets, including mine. So we got these made for us, in the UK but was able to get them out for a good price, i was really pleased with the finished article.

It seems that our customers like them as well, as i have had to wait 6 months to get my own pair ! Anyways they went on my feet for the 1st time Saturday before “Sounds Of The Street” do.

The rest is in the video, enjoy.