Monkey Boots

Often thought as a Skinhead fashion, the Monkey Boot creeps on to the MOD stage for couple of reasons.

1. Hard MODS, basically late 60’s MODS becoming skins would wear them
2. Weller and Ian Page can be seen wearing some in a few pictures on MOD revival.

Pete Townsend in The High Numbers wearing Monkey Boots

I have had a few pairs. Once worn in, they are really comfortable. The elusive brown ones have been really hard to get hold of for years but are now being re-made. Some the traditional skins I know say that their stitching is not the same. I only have seen one true old pair of browns, which were bought on a car boot sale here in Peterborough and they were a girls size!

The tread of the Monkey Boot has a distinctive tractor tyre design and the composite material they are made from is durable. Monkey Boots can last a lot longer than DMs and mile for mile they are better value. They were the standard issue Czechoslovakian army boot of WW2. Monkey boots are available in most towns in the UK.

There are variations of monkey boots, Trickers make a very nice boot, leather sole and the detailing is amazing, but they are not cheap, and you normally have to order and wait 6 months.

There are currently several kinds of monkey boots for sale, the ones we had made , shown below, to be very well made and a quality item at a reasonable price, throw in that they are made in the UK, adds to the offering.

I think he may have needed some new boots ! Monkey Boots again !