About Mod Shoes

We are a small family run business based in Peterborough UK. At moment a small but very efficient team of people do everything you see. That includes designing, sourcing, writing, photographing, videoing etc etc. Some days its exhausting, but the reward of making people happy, wearing good shoes is fab.

Modshoes was started when founder Andrew Lindsay was looking for some good quality brogues for himself. He had ‘Long Wing Tip’ brogues as a teenager, and now just in his 40s wanted the proper deal ones. The problem was there was scant information about what was best, so being a web designer, he started a blog to find out what. Quickly the website got popular, so it went through several stages, reviewing, then selling, then selling its own mens shoes, then selling ladies, then selling a few accessories , then some clothes, then starting its own clothing label ’66 Clothing’.

Along the way we have met lots of our customers, in real life and online, and every day something new happens and changes the direction of the business.

We think this is one of our major strengths, we are small enough that we can make a decision and go for it quickly. Last year (2019) we got the Rally 66 jacket from an idea to on sale, becuase of the film Le Man, in less that 8 weeks.

So what started as a way of getting some free brogues, now is business that caters for lots of cool people, thats you the customers by the way. We strive to keep our service level and build trust, we do this becuase we believe people should be dressed well in good quality items.

Lastly when we are not working, we enjoy gigs, soul do’s, scooter rallies, weekenders. Music is a big thing at Mod Shoes, and is often a discussion point, and yes dont ring at 10.30 because we will be playing Pop Master on Radio 2 !