Two Tone Trousers and Formal Shoes


At Modshoes we like to take pictures of our shoes with Trouser combinations, that we think you would also wear our shoes with.

So we got a few of our popular shoes and took them with a “Blue/Green Tonic” and “Burgundy / Black Trousers”

We like the results and thought you would like to see them.

In some pics we have put a scarve, this we did because we thought of the 3rd colour you may combine the outfit with. For instance maybe a Fred Perry Polo or Classic Ben Sherman style button down.

In most cases Black or Oxblood shoes go with the trousers. I am not sure brown shoes would go with the colours we used. Depends on shade of the leather i suppose.

Anyway enjoy the pictures

mod-shoes-black-loake-brogues-with-two-tone-trousers mod-shoes-black-tassel-loafers-with-Burgundy-trousers mod-shoes-black-tassel-loafers-with-two-tone-trousers mod-shoes-black-weavers-with-burgundy-trousers mod-shoes-black-white-tassel-loafers-with-burgundy-trousers mod-shoes-ladies-tassel-loafers-with-burgundy-trousers mod-shoes-oxblood-brogues-bridgers-with-two-tone-trousers mod-shoes-oxblood-brogues-loake-with-burgundy-trousers mod-shoes-oxblood-brouges-bridgers-with-burgundy-trousers mod-shoes-oxblood-tassel-loafer-brogues-with-burgundy-trousers mod-shoes-oxblood-tassel-loafers-with-burgundy-trousers mod-shoes-oxblood-tassel-loafers-with-two-tone-trousers mod-shoes-oxblood-tassel-loafer-with-Two-tone-trousers mod-shoes-weaver-tassel-loafers-with-burgundy-trousers oxblood-brogues-with-two-tone-trousers