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Modshoes and Hawkins & Shepherds Shirts

modshoes-with-hawkins-shirt-01Modshoes and Hawkins & Shepherds Shirts

As we often mention, we like to put our shoes with other company’s clothes so that you get a feel for an outfit that you have, or may be planning. Personally, I am drawn to their shirts as I like the pin collar look.

In terms of our shoes, we think nearly all of them work together, from tassel loafers to brogues like the Bridgers. The Jeffery West shoes we know most certainly do.

We first came across these shirts at a trade show, and were really pleased to find them. Generally, on the high street,  it is hard work to get a good collared shirt.

The company offer numerous types of Pin Collar Shirts, several of which you can see in the pictures. They also include hidden tabs, and hook and look collars. This author loves collars that ‘stay still’, and has spent most of his years in Button Downs.

Another bonus about them was that they are an English company. Amongst the many styles of collar on offer, they had the four shown below, which were my personal favourites.

Formal Pin Collar Curve

Formal Pin Collar Straight

Casual Pin Collar Curve

Formal Tab Collar Curve

Now my first reaction was a flashback to that 1962 period, where bands like The Beatles would wear these, and that’s what drew me to them.

So we did one of our photoshoots showing several of the shirts, with our shoes.

We think they both complement each other very nicely.

Their website, including many cool shirts, can be found here

Enjoy the pics

modshoes-brogues-bridgers-with-hawkins-sherperds-stripped-shirt modshoes-hawkins-shirt-with-jeffery-west-excclusives modshoes-jeffery-west-muse-oxblood-with-Hawkins-and-sheperd-shirt modshoes-jeffery-west-shoes-with-hawkins-sheperds-shirt modshoes-jeffery-west-weavers-with-hawkins-sheperds-shirt modshoes-jeffery-west-weavers-with-hawkins-shirt modshoes-mod-ska-brogues-with-shirt-from-PIN-COLLAR-SHIRTS-01 modshoes-oxblood-brogues-with-hawkins-sheperds-striped-shirt-01 modshoes-oxblood-tassel-loafer-with-shirt-from-PIN-COLLAR-SHIRTS modshoes-penny-loafers-with-hawkins-sheperds-shirts modshoes-penny-loafers-with-hawkins-shirt modshoes-stiped-shirt-form-hawkins-with-jeffery-west-shoes modshoes-tassel-loafers-the-dukes-with-shirt-from-Hawkins-and-Sheperd modshoes-tassel-loafers-with-hawkins-shirts modshoes-with-hawkins-shirt-01 modshoes-with-mod-brogues-the-bridgers-and-shirt-by-hawkins-sheperd