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Stepped Mod Trousers and Shoes

Stepped Mod Trousers and Shoes

Here at modshoes we liked the stepped trousers. When done correctly the trouser sits really good with the shoes, and keeps that all important line in the the trouser from buckling.

I don’t want to go into some long article about tailoring, but i do get asked where can you buy these style of trousers from ? Hence why i am writing. The trousers themselves are from Adaptor Clotting, who are now making their own range of clothes inc Suits and Trouser.

But the important bit is the step you have to get a Tailor or seamstress to help you with. There are differing thoughts on height and it can make a difference which shoes you wear, and the width of the trouser. So the edge of the trouser must be just shy of the top of the shoe, but not too much as you end up with ankle swingers.

If you are thinking of getting your trousers done, make sure you get a trouser that sits right around your waist or hip, as the whole exercise can be rendered useless if you pull your trousers up after !

Now in terms of the shoes you can see here a few example from the Modshoes range, and we think they go nicely with the blue trousers. Personally i love seeing a bit of the Tassels or Fringe coming out from below the trouser. When done right it can look very smart.

Sometimes the laces on a brogue or normal shoe can get caught, so bare this in mind if you are thinking about this style.

Anyways enjoy the pics.

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