Modshoes and Smart Green Check Suit

Modshoes and Smart Green Check Suit

Suits are the mainstay of any mod wardrobe. The classic suit comes in many forms, and there are generally a few pointers to a mod suit, over say a normal work suit, or of the peg number.

I dont want get pulled into the 3 button rules etc. As there are plenty of much better websites with that kind of thing on. Parka Ave being a very good one.

My concern is the shoes and do they go with the suit, and possible more importantly the cloth it is made from. In the pictures you can see suits which have very subtle patterns.

Yes , other aspects infulence the overall look, like tie, socks etc but the main amoount of area shown in the suit, and then the shoes !

Its the colour in the patterns that make the pallet you work with. Now its judgement and also your choice what you think works and doesnt. In the pictures is a very dark green suit, with small grey and blue fleck. The other suit is a very Dark grey with a tiny line of red running through it, which nealry impossible to see on the pics.

This kind of subtle thread are think are great, and compliment with our shoes make a really good outift.

I will end with one think that i truely believe in though, i think tis a real shame to see a great outfit, but cheap shoes ! By that i mean shoes that dont match. Make sure the quality is mainyained through the whole of the outfit .

More detials by the pics

modshoes-black-tassel-loafers-with-mod-suit modshoes-chestnut-tassel-loafer-the-dukes-with-mod-suit modshoes-jeffery-west-exclusives-with-mod-suit modshoes-jeffery-west-shoes-with-grey-pattern-mod-suit modshoes-mod-suit-with-jeffery-west-shoes modshoes-mod-suit-with-jeffery-west-shoes-02 modshoes-mod-suit-with-jeffery-west-shoes-04 modshoes-mod-suit-with-jeffery-west-shoes-05 modshoes-oxblood-tassel-loafers-with-mod-suit modshoes-oxblood-weaver-tassel-loafers-with-mod-suit modshoes-penny-loafers-with-mod-suit modshoes-tassel-loafers-with-mod-suit-01 modshoes-weaver-shoes-from-jeffery-west-with-mod-suit modshoes-weavers-with-mod-suit-01 modshoes-weavers-with-mod-suit-02