Black Loafers with Outfit Suggestions

As you know we like to take pictures at Modshoes. There many reasons, but one good reason is that we want to show are shoes with clothes that you may already have. So below you will see The Squire – The Duke – The Earl with various combinations. We like to think this will take away some of the guess work on what to wear our shoes with.


















Shoes in the pictures

Recent Adverts & Videos By Modshoes

As you know we have always been keen on videos, initially for review etc. Recently though we have started doing more of them in an advert style for facebook. One of the thing we love about video, and we try to capture, is getting in really close so you can see the detail.

So sit back, get out the popcorn and enjoy the ads !

New Shoes For Modshoes Autumn 2016 – Brogues Boots & Shoes

Here you can see the Alfie, Charlie & Harry

All brand new to Modshoes. From a tiny family run factory in southern Spain these shoes are made to high quality.

The Alfie is the white shoes, which we think are very Marriott Small Faces 65 period. In the video you can see them teamed up with Chequered trousers, which give a great look

The Charlie are the boots, in a very soft leather, colours, caramel and chocolate.

The Harry are the Brogues, in black and oxblood. Brogues go with lots of outfits, but these are more smart than casual.

All the shoes are full leather, in sizes 6 – 12.

Mod Pocket Hankies & Shoe Suggestions

Recently we did some pics with our shoes & suits, the idea was to show how the colours go to make a complete look. As we know its all about the details.

We love some of the combinations shown here.

The hankies themselves came from Moz Mosley. Here is a link to his facebook page

modshoes-black-cord-shoes-01 modshoes-black-tassel-loafers-dukes-with-pocket-square-01 modshoes-blue-corded-shoes modshoes-brown-brogues-01 modshoes-brown-tassel-loafers-01 modshoes-oxblood-loafers-01 modshoes-oxblood-penny-loafers-01 modshoes-oxblood-taassel-loafers-01

All the shoes shown above can be found here

Need some smart shoes for a wedding?

As the wedding season approaches its time to make sure you have some good footwear. We did some pictures that we thought you might like and also suggestions of what we thought looked good.

You may be the Groom or a guest, but one thing i would say, if you are going to be in any pictures, make sure you have good shoes on. Why ? well you are going to get photographed, and most properly put on facebook, and in a frame on the shelf. And of course you want to look your best, otherwise your partner may remind you about this for the rest of your life ! ! ! !

Anyways enjoy the pics, and more importantly enjoy the big day

All the shoes used in these pictures can be found here

modshoes-ready-for-the-wedding-01 modshoes-ready-for-the-wedding-02 modshoes-ready-for-the-wedding-03 modshoes-ready-for-the-wedding-04 modshoes-ready-for-the-wedding-05 modshoes-ready-for-the-wedding-06 modshoes-ready-for-the-wedding-09 modshoes-ready-for-the-wedding-10 modshoes-ready-for-the-wedding-11