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Everybody Knows A Terry ! – Modshoes Presents Episode 1

We thought it would be good fun to do a short story as a movie. All the Actors are friends of Modshoes , and gave up their time to have some fun and make an amusing story, which we hope you enjoy. And of course , it gives us a great excuse to show some of our shoes and clothes.

This first episode is based around our good friend Terry. Terry is one of the nicest and generous people you will ever meet, and makes every one laugh their head off, when in his company. But his time keeping is well known as being ‘Lack Luster’ . Anyways we all thought this would might make an amusing first episode.

Massively influenced by the Short Film Series, Svengali by Jonathon Owen.

The Shirt Terry is wearing, will becoming out soon. Its inspired by the Billy Preston one, from the Get Back Beatles Movie

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