What Colour Loafers with Jeans ?

I love loafers especially tassel loafers, but I have always thought that with jeans you have to be careful.

Meaning that you can get Black Loafers, Burgundy or Oxblood Loafers and Brown Loafers. There are obviously other colours and lots of shades in between. But more point is when buying a pair what colour to go for ! especially if you intend wearing with jeans.

On this site we sell loads of loafers, and in terms of colour the Oxblood slightly outsells the black, but only by a bit. My thoughts were why are we selling more Oxblood?, is it harder to get on the High Street? , is it fashionable at moment? or is it a Fashion shoe that’s more versatile ?

The golden rule is that Black shoes are formal and coloured are more informal. An obvious example being for a wedding or business meeting being a black shoe.
Now if i wear my jeans and loafers i think i can get away with Dark Denim and Black Loafers. These days I think it is common for most people to want to keep the denim as dark and original as possible. In the sixties my dad tells me it was to get as faded as possible. So this is my first thought.
A little bit of a moan to start with ! 

Dark demin and black loafers , yep ok to me. But jeans are still casual, not formal. So acceptable down the pub or informal business meeting. Crew neck jumper, shirt, dark Levi’s and black loafers.

I try not to be negative on this site, but i really dont like this
What I have never been a fan of though is light jean with dark black shoes, and the shoe in question really should be worn with a suit.

Again personally I know a lot of people like the no sock look. But it is so rarely warm enough in the UK to get away with this. Also not going to talk about trouser length, as I think that’s a whole other article for the future.

This look I have never really liked but was popular and very 80’s was this look.

Now it may be that basically I have a problem with nearly all 80’s fashion. The loafer was still there but whole ensemble was not for me.

My last grip, but this is bloody awful. Seriously what does he look like ! and the shoes , who thought this was good? and someone must have thought it was good because he is on a cat walk !
So black I think is a little harsh with jeans. 
The jeans are a little pale but the sock softens the look.

A Brown Loafer or Oxblood loafer, or tassel loafer, softens the effect. Combined with a little turn up and perhaps a coloured sock, the whole effect takes the outfit In a different direction. So whilst remaining casual , but actually looking like it has been given some thought.

The picture below reminds me of that early 80’s look, i should know I wore it !. White Fred perry, Levis and black teabag tassel loafers. But the socks yes the socks were white! Now nobody would wear this look now and white socks have been out of fashion for so long, that perhaps give a few months they will be back in!
I know they are not Jeans, but how many of us wore this outfit but with jeans instead!
So where am I going with this, well although the colour and cut of the jean has changed the loafer has remained and it could be argued transcended  fashion since its inception.
Black loafers are always going to look a little out of place with jeans unless the rest of the outfit has been thought through. A safer bet of loafer would be Brown or Oxblood. The upside is that the brown and oxblood can go with a multitude of other outfits, it is more versatile.
Here are some images of what i think look really good combination of jeans and loafers.

Hope you enjoy

Cool in the 50’s and still cool today.
Weller always looks cool, and obvious inspiration from the IVY look
Liking this because the jeans feel like part of the outfit
mod men daniele


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