The DJ Afterglow 20 day review


One of the things I have always wanted to do is put as many of the shoes that we sell through their passes. With summer looming and some incredibly warm here in the UK, I decided let’s try out the Afterglows

Based on the Clark’s trekker. The shoe is leather upper, with the stitching going through the middle of the shoe, which extends up the tongue. On this shoe, the sole crepe sole is replaced with a more trainer based rubber sole.

The leather upper is corded and so not plain suede. The cord lines does make the shoe look a little less wide. Some desert boots and shoes like this suffer from being wide at the front and clown looking. I think dj have done a great job of getting the shoe looking slimmer, but retaining the classic look.

On first inspection I like the interplay between the normal leather and suede. The two leather compliment well and the stitching is also compliments well to them.

Wearing wise, I have had them on for five solid days and worn them at the office, on several dog walks, and out at a gig. So each time it has never been less than 7 hours each time.

In terms of wear the shoes have buffed up a little in suede, making it look a little rough in texture, but only a bit. The suede has stretched just like desert boots do. I must say the shoes are extremely comfortable and even in the hot weather we have had in the UK my feet have been noticeably cooler than trainers and desert boots.

These shoes are becoming a fav of mine for day to day already. Looking good with jeans at work, is a requirement for me most days. Smart but casual is most days for me. I am not convinced that they would work with a suit or even trousers, I think they are just to causal. The really look to me as something an indie mod or Stone roses fan is going to love.

Anyways enjoy the videos and the pictures and if you think you want to try something different to a desert boot, then I would seriously ink about giving these a go.

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