They survived Greece! DJ Afterglows

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Just been on holiday and took the DJ afterglows with me to wear in the evenings and see how they faired.

The shoes were really good and didnt get hot like trainers do. Before i have had to loosen or take of my trainers in the evening at dinner. With these it wasn’t the case, which i am really chuffed about.

Also it was nice to wear something that no one else had on.

In terms of the look they have done well, the suede is looking a little raggard but i did wear them on the beach several times. So sand got into them, but tonce dry the sand came out nice. Strangley some of the suede has gone wilder, meaning if you look in the video the main part of the shoe is made up of two parts. One side is as new the other less so.

Would i recommend this shoe for the summer?, yes i would it has been really good and i will be getting another pair for next year

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