Northern Soul Shoes – Mens & Ladies

Northern Soul Shoes – Mens & Ladies

Modshoes goes to lots of Northern Soul do’s. Like a lot of people it got me at an early age, I think 12 or 13. I was a bit late coming to the scene early 80s, but i dont think it matters really as it is the music that gets you.

So when I started this website I wanted shoes that could be danced in and look good. There are many classics which we have sold since day one, Like Loake Royal Brogues. The Tassel loafer has seen a recent come back, I remember in the 80s them being a lot more slimmer than today.

What I have also noticed is the fashion going more towards the Mod / Early 70s look.

Anyways the mens Northern Soul shoes we sell are Classics and will last ages, if looked after. The Ladies shoes we sourced because there wasnt many leather soled loafers. Some will argue you can dance in anything, but a leather based sole make life so much easier.

So see you on the dancefloor soon, I am the one dancing like James Brown (well in my head I am)


Ladies Leather Soled Shoes Suitable for Northern Soul

Ladies Shoes with Man Made soles but worn by many customers at Northern Soul events

Mens, all leather soled