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Modshoes and Hawkins & Shepherds Shirts Feb 2016

Here at Mod Shoes, we always appreciate quality, and are happy to endorse and collaborate with the brands that we like and admire. Hawkins and Shepherd manufacture hand made luxury shirts, their ethos being ” A great shirt should give you confidence for the day ahead”. A sentiment that we echo with our shoes! So we are very happy to showcase two of their superb shirts in our photo shoot. One, you may notice, is for the ladies, and had some great details which you can see in the pictures.

The checkered men’s shirt is a great addition to their pin collar collection.

We think they complement our shoes, and would be a worthy addition to your wardrobe.

modshoes-brogues-with-hawkins-sherpherds-shirt modshoes-ladies-hawkins-shirt-with-ladies-leather-labelles-01 modshoes-ladies-hawkins-shirt-with-ladies-leather-labelles-02 modshoes-ladies-hawkins-shirt-with-ladies-leather-labelles-03 modshoes-ladies-hawkins-shirt-with-ladies-leather-labelles-04 modshoes-ladies-hawkins-shirt-with-ladies-leather-labelles-05 modshoes-ladies-hawkins-shirt-with-ladies-leather-labelles-06 modshoes-ladies-hawkins-shirt-with-ladies-leather-labelles-07 modshoes-ladies-hawkins-shirt-with-ladies-leather-labelles-08 modshoes-ladies-hawkins-shirt-with-ladies-leather-labelles-09 modshoes-ladies-hawkins-shirt-with-ladies-leather-labelles-10 modshoes-ladies-hawkins-shirt-with-ladies-leather-labelles-11 modshoes-oxblood-loafers-with-hawkins-checked-shirt modshoes-suede-corded-shoes-exclusive-colours-and-hawkins-sherperds-shirt-checked-01 modshoes-suede-corded-shoes-exclusive-colours-and-hawkins-sherperds-shirt-checked-02 modshoes-suede-corded-shoes-exclusive-colours-and-hawkins-sherperds-shirt-checked-03 ready-for-the-weekend-jan-2016-01 ready-for-the-weekend-ladies-jan-2016

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