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Mary Quant 1930 – 2023

As many of you know Mary Quant passed on the 13th April.

Reflecting on her legacy here at Modshoes , she was a big influence in our Mod 1960’s world, long before we started the company.

For me personally she exudes the 60’s as much as The Beatles, The Mini Car, Twiggy etc. Her Vidal Sasson haricut is perfection.

To effect that many people,it just doesn’t happen that often.

From her fashion designing, to running a brand way beyond the simple mini skirt is something I personally look up to, companies in those days were generally far more one dimensional.

The iconic Flower petal trademark was a master stroke and could be used across many items, and of course you still see it today.

The Clothing and Shoes at the recent VA exhibition were great to see, but one can only imagine the shock of them at the time !

Also she didn’t come from money, like a lot of those 60’s stars. They came from a similar place, incredibly creative and forward thinking which is something that I admire a lot.

RIP Mary Quant

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