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Terry Hall 1959 – 2022

Terry Hall’s passing is a very sad day for us here at Mod Shoes.

For me, (Andy) he and The Specials changed everything in 1980. My nan brought me that 1st LP, after a lot of nagging, Andy’s Records, Mill Road, Cambridge. Everything about that LP is perfect. The words and music combined meant so much more than just pop music. They really did affect a generation.

Then I saw them for the first time on TV, Rock Goes To College; the audience on the stage, the suits, the brogues, the loafers, the music so incredibly catchy, fast and angry, but not moronic. Songs got faster at the end, they really excited a crowd.

I was only 11 , when they were at their height, They played Cambridge on the Common, and I desperately wanted to go. Mum wouldn’t let me ! And probably for the best, the gig ended in a riot and the arrest of Jerry Dammers.

You only have to look at videos on YouTube now of the “Dance Craze” movie, and see the clip ‘Enjoy Yourself’ . Think your band is good ? Your band is nothing until you are as good as The Specials live. That’s a benchmark very few people get to reach

Fast Forward to 2009 , and I have tickets for 5 nights of the 1st tour of that reunion, I was there in Newcastle that 1st night, Sheffield the next night and so on. It was amazing , and I got to do what I promised myself at age 11, to go and see them on tour lots !

I have followed Terry’s career from those days, I got the Colourfield single when it came out. I always looked out for him being interviewed. I always thought him an interesting guy. Only last week i listened to him on BBC Headliners, which was from last year. He seemed so much happier with the world, and talked about the joy of his children and his beloved Man UTD. I was genuinely pleased that he seemed to have found peace with the world, and enjoyed his day to day life.

As you know, we did a Terry Hall inspired top last year, and I am wearing it today, The Specials remain one of my all time favourites bands ever

Terry Hall, may I thank you for being you, and inspiring this 11 year old boy. I am so grateful for the music you produced and how you changed the world for better.

RIP Terry Hall. And my condolences to your family

7 thoughts on “Terry Hall 1959 – 2022

  1. Northernflash says:

    This is the dawning of a new era
    By two o’clock we were Brahms & Liszt
    Had to walk her home through area six
    This is the dawning of a new era
    Sticks and stones may break my bones
    In area six they throw bottles and bricks and kicks

    Love you Terry Hall

  2. Craig says:

    Terry Hall and The Specials gave me my life long love of dance, clothing and also a social conscience (and he looked cool). Thanks Terry.

  3. Jon says:

    Great tribute and resonates with so many growing up in the seventies and early eighties. It also acts as timely reminder to grab 5 mins with those friends you grew up with. Unfortunately too many of my scooter/mod mates are no longer with us. RIP Terry and anyone else who’s lost a dear friend.

  4. Ben McDermott says:

    If it were not for Terry Hall and the Specials I may never have got into music. Seeing them on TV singing Gangsters changed my life. They were the 1st band I saw live at age of 11, how I managed to get my Mum to let me go still amazes me to this day. It must have been fate. No surprise that I still view this gig as the greatest I ever attended. They were truly spellbinding. A memory that will live with me forever. Terry Hall, RIP.

  5. Jason says:

    Sad sad passing of Terry, the man & band captured the mood of the nations youth of the day. Great songs ,especially the unique sound of Ghost Town .😔

  6. Marcus hell says:

    Great tribute .sad sad day hearing terry had gone .the specials were soooo important and everyone can remember hearing ghost town for the first time .the music will live on forever .peace and love .Marcus

  7. Wolfgang says:

    Thanks for your emotional comment. I am so sad, Terry and his Music was so inspiring. The Music and the antirassism of the Specials will live on.

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