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Crockett & Jones – MOD or just very nice shoes ?


Crockett & Jones – MOD or just very nice shoes ?

Why am i doing a blog on these shoes ?

Well i look at alot of shoes, some we hope to sell on the site and some because i just like the craftsmanship that’s gone into them. Peterborough where i live is not far away from Northampton and alot of the Old School shoe makers are from that area. Many have gone because of recession or not moved with the time etc. But some are still around and Crockett & Jones make some lovely shoes.

Now i dont want some big debate whether they are MOD are not. Certainly there are many in their range which are not, but there are some little jems in there to. Below i have gathered just a few examples i like.

The following is borrowed from their site but i think it sums up a traditional English company.

“Although the production process has evolved since the early days of shoe-making, with the introduction of better machinery and ‘health & safety’, much of the factory looks as it did when it was first built. The manufacture of high quality shoes remains very labour-intensive, requiring a highly skilled workforce to carry out more than 200 separate operations during an 8 week period. Goodyear-Welted construction gives the shoes an exceptional degree of strength, durability and comfort in wear. This method originated by hand-makers centuries ago.

As a 5th generation family managed business, Crockett & Jones is committed to maintaining the highest standards of traditional craftsmanship, quality and service which have been appreciated by their customers for more than 130 years.”

“The Crockett & Jones Men’s range consists of 3 handmade collections; the Hand Grade Collection (our finest calf shoes), the Main Collection (a selection of styles in a variety of different materials and sole types) and the Shell Cordovan Collection (a range of styles made from Genuine Shell Cordovan leather). “

Now in English that means they don’t come cheap, what that means is you are going to get some very well made shoes which look really good and going to last a long time if looked after well.

Enjoy the pictures.

Woven Chukka Boot

crockett-jones-woven-chukka-boots-01 crockett-jones-woven-chukka-boots-03 crockett-jones-woven-chukka-boots-05


Cranford 3 Charcoal Suede & Wine Elastic
Cranford, a chelsea boot with plain front made from the finest calf leather or suede and lightweight rubber soles with contrasting coloured ‘V’ shaped elastics. From the Men’s Main Collection.

Cranford 3 01 charcoal Cranford 3 01 leather Cranford 3 01  Cranford 3 02

Granada Tan Golf Grain
Granada, a stylish unlined loafer with a hand pulled-up apron. Made from a comfortable, fine grain leather with single leather soles for the Main Collection.

Granada 01 tan Granada 02 tan Granada 03 tan

Poole Dark Brown Calf Suede
Poole, a round toe penny loafer with raised apron front. Made from soft suede and single rubber soles for the Men’s Main Collection.

Poole 01 Poole 02 Poole 03

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