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Video Review of the The Universal Brown Suede Chelsea Boot

Video Review of the The Universal Brown Suede Chelsea Boot from Delicious Junction

The Chelsea boot, is an absolute classic, every shoe maker has one in their range. There are even specialist companies like David Preston , which specialize Chelsea Boots. The one above has the classic look and MOD attention to detail.

DJ do 2 variations of the Chelsea Boot, one in Black Leather and this one in Brown Suede. Like a lot of the DJ range these are going out boots. The are look great with a suit, and have that air of dandiness about them. I know people wear them with jeans, this look can work, they are 100’s if not 1000’s of pictures of 60’s groups in them. I recall the animals looking good in some.

My thoughts are if you wear chelsea boots now, you are making a definite statement hence why so many bands wear them. Neol Fielding and bands like Kasbian seem to live the boots.

Now these boots come with the great sole that DJ use, meaning they are a cut above the normal high street sole. The suede is very nice to touch and the stitching is a purple colour and goes well with the brown. In the video we mention the cusset being a slightly different colour i.e a light purple. We like this as it stops it being just another pair of boots.

In terms of the fit, they hug well and would suit a slimmer foot. But being suede they are going to stretch after a few hours and align themselves nicely with your foot shape. The Heel is not cuban, so doesnt make you look loads taller.

Anyways i welcome any thoughts and reviews on the boots.

mod shoes chelsea boot brown suede 01 mod shoes chelsea boot brown suede 02 mod shoes chelsea boot brown suede 03 mod shoes chelsea boot brown suede 04

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