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The Shelby with Rubber Winter Soles – Oxblood Brogue Boots – Peaky Blinders Inspired


  • UK6 | Euro40
  • UK7 | Euro41
  • UK8 | Euro42
  • UK9 | Euro43
  • UK10 | Euro44
  • UK11 | Euro45
  • UK12 | Euro46

We have been asked numerous times for a ‘more Winter friendly sole’ on our iconic “Shelby” boots . So, as we like to listen to our customers’ suggestions, we have had this ‘Rubber Sole’ version developed and added to the Shelby collection. They have been in the country literally hours (22nd Nov) , and this first batch’ is strictly limited edition for now, so if you would like a pair, please don’t hesitate on making a purchase.

The rubber sole is hard wearing , and we have tested the sample as much as we could and think you will approve. It took considerable effort with a very sharp knife to cut off even a small chunk.

The upper is as the normal Shelby brogue boot

As you may know these boots are very popular, and for good reason, they are great to wear, look ace, smart or casual and little wearing in.

These gorgeous boots are very evocative of the Boots worn in TV Program Peaky Blinders, hence the name The Shelby.

The design is exclusively been made for us, and you won’t find these anywhere else. Unlike a lot of brogue boots, these have been made to look “Retro Smart”. Notice the front is a squarer and more retro shape.

The oxblood is very subtle, and the leather type means it doesn’t need lots of polishing.

Sizing & Wearing In 

Comparable boots to these can sometimes take weeks to soften up. I wore my sample ones at one night whilst Djing, and was very comfortable more or less straight away. Yes you do get that stiff, boots on for the first time, but the leather soon accommodates. I have worn mine loads of times already and very pleased with them. 

STICK WITH SIZE, dont go down or up. Width wise they are normal +.

In terms of their looks these will work with a multitude of outfits, inc Jeans, Coloured jeans, Trousers & obviously a suit. We could suggest many colour combination, but a fave would be Prince of Wales, Tweed or Chequered Trousers for that Peaky Blinders look.

Upper : Oxblood Leather
Sole : Rubber
Inner : Leather
Sizes : UK6 to UK12