Modshoes Corded Rawlings Shoes with Double Breasted Mod Suits

We have been busy with the camera recently, and have taken lots of pictures. We are always happy for a chance to showcase products by other brands that we think our customers will appreciate. Here you can see the Mod Shoes Exclusive Colour Rawlings with a cool double breasted suit from Adaptor Clothing.

We think they look really good together, and also think the shoes will look equally smart with a lot of suit combinations. I have worn mine with suits and also more casual trousers. My step son wears his with jeans, and I think that they look really cool. Why not buy all three colours? You will never be short of a great co-ordinating look!

modshoes-suede-corded-shoes-rawlings-with-blue-striped-mod-suit-from-adaptor-clothing-06 modshoes-suede-corded-shoes-rawlings-with-blue-striped-mod-suit-from-adaptor-clothing-07 modshoes-exclusive-corded-shoes-with-mod-suit-from-adaptor-clothing-01 modshoes-exclusive-corded-shoes-with-mod-suit-from-adaptor-clothing-03 modshoes-exclusive-corded-shoes-with-mod-suit-from-adaptor-clothing-04 modshoes-suede-corded-shoes-rawlings-with-blue-striped-mod-suit-from-adaptor-clothing-01 modshoes-suede-corded-shoes-rawlings-with-blue-striped-mod-suit-from-adaptor-clothing-02 modshoes-suede-corded-shoes-rawlings-with-blue-striped-mod-suit-from-adaptor-clothing-03 modshoes-suede-corded-shoes-rawlings-with-blue-striped-mod-suit-from-adaptor-clothing-05