Boxing Boots

Boxing Boots
Not sure why these became MOD, if at all!

Again, popular around our way and I think because of a few pictures of The Jam. Were they a Northern Soul thing?

Rick Buckler can be seen wearing some red ones on the front of The Snap compilation. And at the time Weller was wearing a lot of Lonsdale, so perhaps it was a ‘I will give these a go’. I await an answer on this one.

From Steve Overbury

In fact some of the lads used to wear Lonsdale boxing boots on the street, but they had Rizla-thin soles and wore out very fast – still stylish uppers, but nothing twixt foot and floor – and since they cost more than Monkey Boots they were a short-lived and expensive fashion statement.

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One thought on “Boxing Boots

  1. Dave says:

    I’ve heard some say that, while Weller was undeniably mod (Foxton as well), Rick Buckler was more of a scooter boy. Reference the jacket, jeans, and boots on the cover of The Gift. And boxing boots, as I understand it, were more of a scooter boy thing. Perhaps boxing boots were less mod and more scooter boy? Not sure. Just an observation.

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