Boxing Boots

Boxing Boots
Not sure why these became MOD, if at all!

Again, popular around our way and I think because of a few pictures of The Jam. Were they a Northern Soul thing?

Rick Buckler can be seen wearing some red ones on the front of The Snap compilation. And at the time Weller was wearing a lot of Lonsdale, so perhaps it was a ‘I will give these a go’. I await an answer on this one.

From Steve Overbury

In fact some of the lads used to wear Lonsdale boxing boots on the street, but they had Rizla-thin soles and wore out very fast – still stylish uppers, but nothing twixt foot and floor – and since they cost more than Monkey Boots they were a short-lived and expensive fashion statement.

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4 thoughts on “Boxing Boots

  1. Edward Piller says:

    dave – not the case – Rick wore boxing boots because he found it easier to drum in them. Bruce was never a mod. Rick has never sat on a scooter in his life!!!

    • Chris Linn says:

      Personally, and I am speaking from a yanks pov, I have never ever seen a mod in boxing boots in the 80s and beyond. Not even for scootering (not much protection). 100% agree w/ your comment Eddie!

  2. Paul Elliott says:

    I know I am late to this but Pete Meaden talks about styling The Who in boxing boots in his interview with Steve Turner, you can also see pictures of Keith Moon and John Entwhistle wearing them.

  3. Dave says:

    I’ve heard some say that, while Weller was undeniably mod (Foxton as well), Rick Buckler was more of a scooter boy. Reference the jacket, jeans, and boots on the cover of The Gift. And boxing boots, as I understand it, were more of a scooter boy thing. Perhaps boxing boots were less mod and more scooter boy? Not sure. Just an observation.

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