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Thank You’s & Highlights of 2021


There are so many this year


Graphic 01

Launching the Icon range – Day Tripper & Cafe Bleu tshirts
The Get Back Shirt
Lizzie Shoes collobration


Graphic 02

Our shoes on the telly – Rose, one show & Sunday brunch, Doctor Who, Andi Oliver the chef on Googlebox


Graphic 03

Paul Weller , Steve Cradock and the weller band wearing on tour
Seeing Mani wearing our Tshirt at Film Premiere and finding out he was a customer :-)
Being featured in the Modculture top brands, and one to watch in the future
Steve Diggle wearing our Jacket recently



There are too many shoes to mention, but doing more Vegan shoes has been a good thing to do, i know nicky was

very chuffed with the Apple Stellas

We moved , which allowed us to do more of these lives, and

It was sad to see Rambo go, but she helped us get to the next bit, and me make the diffucult decsion that we had

to move

Rea Joining us, has been fab, and allowed us to do more video and social media

Behind the scenes we have so many that help in so many different ways

So in no specific order i just need to thank them

Andrew Money and his lovely wife (and driver) Linda
Jason Brummel, Andrew ingram, Martin Gainsford and the rest of MCF
Simon Parr and Tom the mod
Jonathon Reeves and Russell
Elliot Easton for endless conversations about music, and the beatles
Terry Rawlings & Steve Diggle for proper drunken talks at the office
Nicky weller for helping
Lizzie for the design
Izzy stomps out there in Italy
Tim wilson
Peter Jackson and all beatles fans everywhere


Ambassadors Graphic

Catlin, Connie, The meyer dancers, pin up pug mother, david suede, aly googins, kirstin, sixties seeker

And of course all our Ambassadors
There are so many, and of them provide so much beautiful content and make it a joy to see thier pictures,

espically on a grey boring day



Modshoes lives regualrs
Pete Cole and Tina, julia duff

and the team here at modshoes, and its cast of extras

Rea on social media & normally here with me, Lee in despatch

Sarah & William & Andrew Jinks when we moved

Liam for bilding the studio we are sat in now.

Terry Grant , for endless enthusaim , listening to my thoughts about everything mod, for my mental health when it

needs attention and those great graphics for the icon range

Gemma for helping and getting my focus sharper with video

Luke want to thank you for all those shows at the start of 2021 , i still have people thanking me for them.

Lockdown was horrible, and they have said how me and you talking cheered them up.

And lastly possibly the most important

My Beautiful and long suffering wife Nicky

But i musnt forget the biggest thank you to all our customers for thier conituned support.

And the thing that pleases me so much is that on Christmas day i will be walking round and thinking about the

people opening thier presents, and they are really pleased they got something from Modshoes and 66, becuase that

brings me joy that something we did makes so many people happy :-)