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2 thoughts on “I am not sure if this parka is from the 80s, but notice the Madness patch !

  1. Mike P says:

    This is my friend’s parka, which he still owns. He bought it back in late 1981 or early 82, in downtown L.A., in the same place I purchased mine. There was a mod revival (believe it or not) in California in those days. He took this photo of it so that I could post it on my old “California Mod Scene” site / blog, both of which are now defunct. As to the patches: his father, who was an artist, made that unique target for him. I don’t know if he also made the Brighton Mods patch. Regarding the Madness and Specials patches – the L.A. mod scene from its very beginnings was very closely associated with a reggae club which blasted old reggae and ska and 2Tone a lot and that had a lot to do with why we saw fit to wear those patches on our parkas.

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