What goes with Black Suede Boots or shoes

What goes with Black Suede Boots or shoes

This year 2014, modshoes are doing 30 day wear of a new pair of shoes. Straight out of the box and onto my feet, pretty solidly for 30 days. We have done a few last year and hope to do one a month for this year.

There are few reasons, one is because I started the website modshoes to test and review shoes. Another reason is to try and get me out of my comfort zone a bit, make me think about putting together different colours or styles.

Last year I tried and to certain extent succeeded in never wear Jeans out of house, only at work. So before getting ready for a gig, or just the pub, I would put on some trousers and try and match them with various shoes etc. What was apparent early on, was why people wear jeans all the time. It is incredibly easy to match footwear and a top or shirt.


I like jeans a lot, but noticed that as soon as you mix a trouser Colour it gets hard. Dark blue demin , because it is dark works well with a lot of Colours, you can mix it with light or dark hues and you are going to be ok.

I did this photo as a suggested outfitmod-suede-shoes-with-outfit-inc-burgundy-cords-and-cream-top

I also have a Blue top like the one above which mixes nicely.

So what’s my point, well the new Bullitt boot from dj has come out, and comes in 4 colours. Well normally I would jump straight for the dark brown, twin it with some jeans. Instance outfit for multitude of occasions. But this time I thought, no you are going to have the Black ones and think of some outfits it will work with, and also not jeans.

mod shoes bullitt advert

So my next thought was what colours go with black, and in this case black suede. Black it can be argued goes with anything, but it can look very harsh against some colours or hues. I wanted to put together some outfits that I could wear over the 30 days, they had to fit my office based job and also meeting clients. I don’t do have a formal job , so I am lucky that I can try casual and smart, and no one is going to think it is strange, but I also wanted look good whilst trailing the boots.

So below are some colours I think work with black suede shoes, and also some that don’t. Something to note as well, it is not just colour that needs to be thought about but also the cloth.


If you have some ideas, would love to include them here, please email sales@modshoes.co.uk