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I am not sure about Chelsea Boots. Why? Because I see them more a fashion thing, than a pure MOD thing. I know you can say the same about loafers, but everyone wore Chelsea Boots. Goths wear them now and they suffer a little from being what people think of 60’s MOD imagery.

According to the advertising this is “MODS”� Mid-60′s customers queue for Anello’s shoes, Drury Lane, London WC

Also, and as much as I love them, The Beatles wore Chelsea Boots. So are they MOD?

There are many variations of the Chelsea Boots, but the iconic 60’s look is the thin, but very pointed boot, with a Cuban heel.

“We all dressed in that look” said Granny Takes A Trip founder Nigel Waymouth, then a blues-mad student. “Pea jackets, very tight jeans and pointed Anello & Davide shoes. Probably a matelot shirt. I’d go to the Railway Hotel in Richmond and the Gee Club in Ealing to see Alexis Korner and Cyril Davies.”

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