Bowling Shoes

In Richard Barnes MODS book he mentions that he had a friend that walked out with his Bowling Shoes still on after going bowling. The story implies that a chance accident started a MOD fashion, whether it is true or not I can see why the style is liked.

The multi-colour style of the Bowling Shoe works in the MOD environment, slightly flash. The only pair I have had were lovely and soft, but were instantly useless in the rain. Countless people have brought out variations on the theme since the 60s.

Again, they were massive in the MOD revival which I suspect because Melandi and Shellys made it very easy to buy via mail order. Adverts in music mags such as Melody Maker, NME and Sounds mean that outside of London you could access a pair. Again Weller and The Jam can be clearly seen wearing Bowling Shoes on The Snap cover, which is a clear endorsement.

“I just used to go with them to Carnaby Street on Saturdays and it was there where we used to buy our clothes, especially for school. I bought a pair of Jam Bowling Shoes (chisel toe of course) from Shellys and the worst trousers money could buy, just because we thought Paul Weller wore them.”