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Mod Shoes are absolutely delighted to bring you the fantastic news that our long awaited Vegan shoes have arrived. The idea of a non-leather, cruelty-free shoe has been simmering with us for some considerable time. It is more than just a passing fashion, as one of the founders has been vegetarian most of their life, and vegan for the past few years, so this is a personal crusade and well as a business one.

It has taken a while, as we wanted to produce a shoe that looked equally as good as our existing collection; quality was paramount, as was comfort and wearability.

But it was also vital that the shoes had the retro style and wow factor that Mod Shoes as a brand are renowned for. Just because the shoes are vegan, does not mean they have to be purely functional or dull but worthy!

The shoes are lovingly crafted from Vegan material made in Spain Composition: Polyester 89,1 % & Cotton 10,9 % and made to our exacting standards in a small but top quality factory in Spain.

At present we are launching two styles, one of which is a homage to our iconic “Dusty” shoe, that we are naming the “Dusty Vee”. The other is a fabulous vintage style lace up, the “Angie”, based on an original 1960’s shoe, available in both patent and non-patent versions. We do hope that our new Vegan shoes will be loved by our existing customers, and welcomed by the many potential customers who have enquired about an alternative to leather shoes over the years.