Jam Shoes & Bowling Shoes

We like taking pics at modshoes, so recently we did some using some of our shoes with a few lps and other props. The eagle-eyed of you may notice a Jam bootleg ! Also how many of you have a JAM badge or Patch somewhere in the house.

mod-shoes-jam-badger-shoes-going-underground-01 mod-shoes-jam-badger-shoes-going-underground-02 mod-shoes-jam-badger-shoes-going-underground-03 Mod-Shoes-Jam-Bowling-shoes-black-01 Mod-Shoes-Jam-Bowling-shoes-black-02 Mod-Shoes-Jam-Bowling-shoes-black-03 mod-shoes-jam-shoes-77-78-79-01 mod-shoes-jam-shoes-77-78-79-02 mod-shoes-jam-shoes-77-78-79-03