Update 4th Feb

We are busy working with DHL to provide a system for our EU customers. This will be both an Air and Road service, in simple terms road is cheaper but takes longer !

The new service means the price you pay us, will include all taxes , import duties etc, so you have no ‘Unexpected Charges’ .

DHL is also good for you, as it is a ‘Point 2 Point’ system meaning the tracking is really good, the same company will pick up from here, will also deliver to you, and you will know where your goods are as they travel to you :-)

The tracking allows for you to be updated, and also update DHL if you want the redirecting etc.

We think this will give our customers real peace of mind.

We hope to be able put this live in the next few days :-)


We are able to send to some EU Countries at moment using Royal Mail only. This may change.

How VAT and charges are working

Modshoes doesn’t charge you VAT anymore. You pay the VAT & Other charges when the goods are ready for delivery in your country. The local courier will do this. Some will do this via email or by asking for the money when they deliver.

Please Note, the listed price on the website will show with VAT in UK £, to see without vat, please select your country on the checkout page. It will then sort the VAT out :-)

At the moment this is simply beyond our control. Meaning we dont like unexpected surprises for you, our customer.

We are working towards a system where the ‘Price you SEE is the Price you PAY’ but this is not a quick fix, and there is certain accounts and other book keeping requirements behind the scenes that we have to get into place. As you can expect, this takes time, as we have to have records for 27 different EU countries !

Returns, Refunds & Exchanges
Also here it gets a little more complicated, but should be sorted in a few days. Simply put we will include a ‘Sticker’ with your order that you must fix on to the returning items. The sticker will say ‘Faulty Goods’, they are because they don’t fit ! This means we can get the items back into the UK with no import taxes etc.

For Exchanges
Once we have collected your payment for sending fresh pair, we send out the items again, but this time because duty has been paid you wont be required to ‘Repay’ import duty etc. It goes without saying, we cant do this on the first sending, as this would be against the law, so please dont ask :-)

International returns please note: If you are returning anything to us from outside the UK you must complete a customs declaration correctly indicating that the package contains “returned goods” or similar. If your parcel is stopped in UK customs and a charge levied, we will refuse payment and the package will be returned to you. Under no circumstances will we pay customs duty in order to receive back our items.

The Sticker will look like this, and will need to applied


Edit 25th Jan

Meaning , despite what Mr Johnson and the EU said at Christmas about our current Brexit agreement, our European customers are being charged import duties & vat on some (we don’t think all) orders as they enter the destination country.

We are working through this to find a solution, but as a small independent company, we don’t have endless resource to fix this quickly.

We are hoping to provide a solution, where the price you see is the price you pay.

We also have to work a way of being able to do exchanges, because simply put nobody wants to pay import charges twice for a sizing issue !

As you may guess its not a quick fix, and something that is taking more time than we hoped. There is various form filling, accounts to setup, different work practices and much more to get into place before we can offer a workable solution

We don’t have a date for when this will be resolved.

We would like to add, we are extremely sorry this has happened, and that our country decided to do this, it’s a real shame to create distance and complications when we didn’t need to.

We appreciate your patience whilst we work through this.