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60s RnB Beat Boots Photoshot

We are big fans of british RnB at modshoes. I have loads of singles and lps , too many my wife says ! Anyways thought it would be good to combine some with the Kings Rd boots we are selling.

The boots come in Tan, Black & Brown Suede.

Enjoy the pics

mod-shoes-60s-beat-boots-kings-road-black-01 mod-shoes-60s-beat-boots-kings-road-black-02 mod-shoes-60s-beat-boots-kings-road-black-03 mod-shoes-60s-beat-boots-kings-road-black-04 mod-shoes-beat-boots-chelsea-brown-seude-01 mod-shoes-beat-boots-chelsea-brown-seude-02 mod-shoes-beat-boots-chelsea-brown-seude-03 mod-shoes-beat-boots-chelsea-brown-seude-04 mod-shoes-beat-boots-chelsea-brown-seude-05 mod-shoes-beat-boots-chelsea-brown-seude-06 mod-shoes-beat-boots-chelsea-brown-seude-07 mod-shoes-beat-boots-chelsea-brown-seude-08 mod-shoes-beat-boots-chelsea-brown-seude-09