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Nut Brown Monkey Boots Version 3 – Leather Sole


  • UK6 | Euro40
  • UK7 | Euro41
  • UK8 | Euro42
  • UK9 | Euro43
  • UK10 | Euro44
  • UK11 | Euro45
  • UK12 | Euro46

These are new cut on the Monkey Boot design. Notice on the close up pics the Jaggered edge. This detail you will find on Monkey boots, made by other English companies for 2 to 3 times the price. Also you have to order and wait for them, sometime a year !

The colour on these, is very very nice, and have done our best in the pics, but these look much better in real life !

These boots are made for us, but the same people that make the Shelby, which get lots of fav reviews.

I have worn mine with Jeans and a suit ! They are very versatile boot. It also provided a great alternative for the Hard Mod, late 60s skin look.

Sizing > Stick with size, accurate to most sizes.

Colours: Nut Brown (Also Black & Oxblood)
Sizes: 6 – 12 mens
Upper: Leather Oxblood
Inner: Leather
Sole: Leather