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Dark Blue Denim Jeans By Maddox


  • 32 Waist - Leg Long(34)
  • 32 Waist - Leg Reg(32)
  • 34 Waist - Leg Long(34)
  • 34 Waist - Leg Reg(32)
  • 36 Waist - Leg Long(34)
  • 36 Waist - Leg Reg(32)
  • 38 Waist - Leg Long(34)
  • 38 Waist - Leg Reg(32)
  • 40 Waist - Leg Reg(32)
  • 40 Waist – Leg Long(34)

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We wanted a pair of jeans to compliment our range. Most of the boots, shoes, jackets and tops that we sell, are designed to look good with a great pair of jeans. When we are sourcing we are mindful what they are going to be worn with, and jeans is high in the priority list every time

Maddox is owned by Gabicci and is a sub label of theirs. We like Gabicci, they make great gear, and these jeans are no exception..

I have worn a pair to work, everyday, for the last couple of weeks to give them a road test. The fit well, and are comfortable to wear.

In terms of styling to get the dark blue was important to Mod Shoes, as we feel it looks smart casual and can be worn to a multitude of places. They are a slim fit, but not overly tight.

Sizing compare to Levis, these are much the same and are slightly vanity sized. So yes us gentlemen that are actually a measure 38, may find a 36 to their liking if you like fitted. They do come in reg and tall. We have tried them on a few people, a 6ft 36 inch person, was good in a Reg 36. So please consider this if buying tall.

Product Details

Flat Fronted Denim
100 Cotton
Straight to knee then taper
Plain Bottoms

Please note when the jeans are first worn, due to the nature of the dark dye, there may be some colour transference, so be aware of this.